Feature Overview

Ø  Half-duplex UHF narrow-band FM transceiver
R Designed for 434-438MHz operation
R Super heterodyne receiver
Ø  Packet reception down to -120dBm at 1200bps
Ø  Transmitter with 1Watt at >58% PEA
Ø  FSK/MSK baseband for 1200-9600 baud operation
Ø  User-defined frame format supported
R  Supports e.g. AX.25 or custom frames
Ø  On-board measurement of: 
R   TXO and PA temperatures
R  Battery voltage
R  RSSI and RF-error on receiver
Ø  Autonomous audio Morse beacon when idle
R  User-defined timeout, interval and WPM
R  Configurable content (text and measurements)
Ø  Simple I2C interface at 400kbps/CAN
Ø  Compatible with the Cube sat Kit "PC104" form factor
Ø  Operational temperature: -30O C to +70O C
Ø  Dimensions: 96mm x 90mm x 17/27 mm


Ø   Single CubeSat satellites
Ø   Triple CubeSat satellites

      Ø Nano Satellites

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  1. Looks very professionally made! Well done!