GEK - Antenna analyzer

                                                        Page up date 27/2/2017

   The need of a useful tool for measuring antenna impedance and its resonance frequency is a must for an amateur radio, who wants get an optimum performance of their antenna.An antenna Analyzer provides functions for checking and adjusting antennas and coaxial feeding lines.

  These antenna Analyzer circuit design follows a standard well-proven approach based on various design & kits available on WWW and modifications have been done.

  This is an professional grade unit assembled with High quality SMD Components.High reliable Momentary Key Switches with positive tactile feedback.


Frequency Generation & Control:


DDS Used AD9834


DDS Used AD9851

Source impedance: 50 Ohms

Step Size:

User configurable increments of 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, and 100 kHz

Usable Measurement Range:

SWR: 1.0 to 9.99

Impedance: approx. 5 to 2000 ohms

RF Out: SO-239

Power supply External: 12-15 Volts DC, 500mA

2.5mm Power Jack (Center pin positive)

SIZE : 150mm (L) x 90mm (W) x 45mm (H)

Weight : 250Gms


§   Automated antenna SWR analyzer
§   Precise and self-calibrating reflectometer design measures forward and reflected signals and impedance data
§  Display 2x16 LCD
§  Precision DDS signal generator used as signal source
§  Manual control option displays SWR and complex impedance at selected frequencies
§  Automatic scanning results displayed as frequencies of lowest SWR and complex impedance
§  Battery operated for field use or use external 12-15V wall adaptor
§  Power saving modes
§  Multi-point calibration for better accuracy


1. Measure antenna electrical parameters:
    SWR impedance(Resistance+reactance),capacitance,inductance
2. Measure feedpoint impedance
3. Measure ground loss
4. Adjust antenna tuners and determine loss
5. Measure inductors and capacitors
6. Measure coax transmission line 
(SWR,length,velocity factor,
    approximate Q and loss,resonant frequency,and impedance)
7. Measure and determine optimum settings for tuning stubs:
    SWR,approximate Q ,resonant frequency,bandwidth,impedance
8. Determine characteristic impedance of transmission line
9. Coaxial Cable Loss
10. Determine antenna tuner loss
11. Measure balun loss
12. Measure inductor Q
13. Estimate quartz crystal parameters
14. Measure magnetic loop resonance and SWR

MODEL 1: GEK -25MHz ---------------Rs4750/-
(DDS Used AD9834)

MODEL 2: GEK -60MHz 
(DDS Used AD9851)

Shipment Charge Extra

Add on Extra 1
13.8v@1A Charger AC adaptor ---------------Rs250/-

Add on Extra 2
9V Battery (non rechargeable) --------------Rs50/-

Add on Extra 3
9V Battery (non rechargeable) --------------Rs250/-

Add on Extra 4
9V Battery ( rechargeable Ni-CAD) ---------Rs500/-

Add on Extra 5
9.6V Battery ( rechargeable Ni-MH) --------Rs950/-

its not recommended to use battery ?

 Once your antenna is tuned we don't need this unit for more then a year unless necessary .keeping this unit idle for a long time may cause battery leak problem , its need regular proper charge and over charge may explode the battery.

its advised to use battery only on field use and remove it after.

With Low battery, tuning of antenna may cause false readings

the AC Adapter can be used if 230V power available. 

Specification, design and cost subject to change without prior notice.

These Units do not covers any Warranty, Guarantee or any other kind.No exchange and no money back offer.These are homebrew units to be competitive to commercial Units. Service support can be given by supply of components or in house third party service with minimum service charge and shipment cost by the user.

For Lead time, booking and clarifications contact me by email with your chosen Model.



Update as on 27/2/2017

GEK-60MHz -----------37Nos Delivered


  1. Good move, Most wanted Product for Hams.
    Best wishes !

  2. Gr8 - something which will very usefull to the vu hams. Like MFJ it is better to have a non-lit display to save the batteries during field use

    73,s paddy vu2pep

  3. Nice product dear Ganesan.
    First batch release minimum 25 PCs please.
    73s krish vu3nkk

    1. Rs6000 x 25Nos =Rs150000/- I need to get a a bank loan for these, Hi Hi

  4. Hi Ganesan !
    Congrats and cute Analyser !
    Please take my order too..

  5. Very useful tool. Congratulations

  6. Useful device but moderate cost. Gr8 Ganesh! 73. De VU3LRV

  7. Wnderful development OM Ganesan. A very handy tool for all hams.

  8. Wonderful Antenna Analyzer. Today tested Dipole Antenna at home QTH of Atanu Dasgupta VU2ATN in Gurgaon. Excellent craftsmanship by VU3GEK. Thanks. De VU2OEC, Rajesh Chandwani

  9. Bought mine a while back (April'17), now been using this analyzer for some time now.
    PCB build quality is professional. The metal case it is built into, gives it a solid feel. It is user friendly, no need to have manual. Simple to operate. Giving reasonably accurate readings. Good performance @ price. This unit is a great tool for any ham radio operator.
    Overall - recommended.


  10. GEK 60MHZ HF ANTENNA ANALIZER is a essential tool in the shack. Good performance and easy to carry for field day. The cost affordable to any one. I wish soon VHF antenna analyser GEK will give to Hams. Subu, VU2NSL, COCHIN 9447434822