GEK-2 Band 100 Watts HF Amplifier Kit

Page update 22/2/2017

GEK2-100PA is a 100 Watts 2 Band SSB HF Amplifier with low cost IRF Series based Push Pull amplifier ,the unit is full tested one and comes with comes with a Output LED Bar Graph Power Meter Read out.

Features & Specification :

  • Band 1 : 1 MHz to 7.300 Mhz (40M LPF)
  • Band 2 : 1 MHz to 14.350 Mhz (20M LPF)
  • Manual Band Selection
  • Bypass Mode
  • Input Power    :
       Type 1) 5-7 Watts (Specify at time of order)
       Type 2)10 Watts (Specify at time of order)
  • Carrier Operated Relay (COR) 
  • Output Power : 100-120 Watts typical (40M)
  • Output Power :  60-70 Watts typical (20M)
  • Power Requriement :13.8V @20A Dc 
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Input BNC Connector /Output SO-239 Connector
  • Output LED Bar Graph Power Meter Read out
  • SIZE : mm (L) x mm (W) x mm (H)
  • Weight : 1Kgs appx

  • Output prohibit open, short
  • Input drive power more than 10 Watts  
  • Prohibit VSWR of 2.0 or more 

No / Warranty/Guaranty  For this product 

Full Tested Unit 

Kit Only ---------------------------------------------------------------Rs
Full Unit With Cabinet,Connector,Fuse Holder,LED RF Display etc ---------Rs
Shipment cost extra

Specification, design and cost subject to change without prior notice.


These Units do not covers any Warranty, Guarantee or any other kind.No exchange and no money back offer.These are homebrew units to be competitive to commercial Units. Service support can be given by supply of components or in house third party service with minimum service charge and shipment cost by the user.

For Lead time, booking and clarifications contact me by email with your chosen Model.

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